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Get your cables organized

June 2nd, 2009 No comments


One of the few things in the world of computers and gadgets that still drives me nutz are cables. Everything requires cables. Cables everywhere. Which cable is that again? I don’t know, let me follow it through this mess until I discover it’s source. Ugh.
Until that magic day (soon coming from what I understand) where almost everything (including power) can go wireless though, I’m stuck coming up with solutions to manage, organize, and hopefully hide the cord mess that clutters up my otherwise impeccable workstation. It’s the type A in me. I can’t help it!
Fortunately I found DOTZ. A cable organizing and labeling system that’s not only practical but looks really good too.








Color coded with the ability to number and label so you know which set of cables is which, which item you are depriving power from, and which peripheral you are about to unplug. Never again accidentally unplug your iPod while it’s still syncing! Or one of your three external hard drives without unmounting it first (if I had a nickel for every time I did that!).
Each packs are just $10 a piece for either eight reusable cable ties or ten cable-buttons.

Check out their products here: Dotz product site

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