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Dell stylin’ with their new Studio One 19

March 17th, 2009 1 comment

dellstudioone191Dell’s not been known for style.  Let’s face it – they make bricks.  Well it seems they’ve been bit by the Sony/Apple bug cause this is the new Dell Studio One 19 All-In-One.  It’s not yet available, but this is probably the prettiest thing to come out of Texas since Anna Nicole Smith in her Guess? Jeans years.  It features proprietary (optional) multi-touch software, and can be configured with a variety of processors, hard drives, and RAM.  Combine this baby with Windows 7 and you might have a bangin’ entertainment unit for your college dorm room love shack.  It even has optional facial recognition technology so your roomie can’t touch your goodies while you’re out.

BMW Designed PC Thermaltake Case – WOW

March 16th, 2009 No comments
BMW Designed PC Thermal Take Case

BMW Designed PC Thermal Take Case

BMW is jumping on the convergence bandwagon and recently introduced their own branded and designed PC Case. This looks like something from the next Terminator Salvation movie.

This PC enclosure consists of four parts

  • the PSU
  • Optical Drives,
  • Hard Drives
  • CPU and Expansion Cards

Via Tom’s HardWare

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Turn Off That PC After Work

March 26th, 0026 No comments

A recent article from USA Today stated that US companies waste $2.8 billion a year to power unused machines which emit 20 million tonso of carbon dioxide. That is equivalent of 4 million cars.

There are 108 million office PCS that are not turned off at night according to 2009 PC Energy Report.

Although we love our gadgets and computers here at GadgetMETER, we do feel it is important to shed light on this. Given our state of financial and environmental crisis, it is important that we utilize our gadgets wisely and not be wasteful.

So make sure you power down or at least put your computer in sleep mode when  you’re not using it.

Via USA Today