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Death to USB Dongles

November 14th, 2009 No comments

It has been a few days since my last post. I’ve been really busy researching Grad School and curriculum. Anyway, some of you may know that I make music under the Delta Dreams project. It is sorta like Portishead meets The Killers. I switched to Logic Studio which is a great unified music sequencer over the summer.

Previously, I used ProTools LE. It has great workflow but wasn’t very reliable. I didn’t get the performance as I did with Logic Studio. Furthermore, I had to purchase a lot of 3rd party software synthesizers that required the despicable USB dongle. The USB dongle is essentially a hardware USB drive that has your authorization code in it to run the program. I received this email from KORG (music equipment supplier) a few days ago that tells me they no longer support USB dongles but now authorizes the key to your computer. It is very confusing and it just reinforces my hatred towards these things. Why am I as a legitimate buyer have to suffer while software pirates do not have to deal with this issue?

This is another reason I switched to Logic Studio. I don’t need USB dongles sticking taking up slots on my MacBook Pro. It comes with world class plugins that meets me musical creative needs.

Dear KORG Legacy Collection user,

We hope you are enjoying your KORG Legacy Collection software suite.

This email is to inform you that we have released the latest updater. Thank you for your patience.
Please be sure to read the following notice with regards to the changes in copy protection for Korg Legacy products.


Important notice regarding changes to the copy protection method for Korg Legacy software titles

November 9, 2009

Korg announces that there is a change to the copy protection method for the KORG Legacy Collection series. Korg is switching from the USB Key Copy Protection to the Challenge/Response License Authorization where a unique license code is issued to your computer.

To all KLC series customers, we apologize for any inconvenience associated with this change, and greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Today, we have released KLC updaters* where you can choose either copy protection method. Please note that we are going to stop providing user support services for the USB Key Copy Protection system effective from April 30, 2010. And from May 2010, any updates we issue will support only the Challenge/Response License Authorization system, not the USB Key Copy Protection system.

We appreciate your continuing support for Korg’s KLC series products.

KORG Legacy Collection team


For information on downloading/installation of the new license authorization based versions, please visit the following web page.

For Frequently Asked Question concerning the new copy protection method, please visit the following web page.

KORG Legacy Collection series update

KLC-1/Virtual MS-20/ANALOG EDITION/ANALOG EDITION 2007 are updated to v1.2.3 respectively, and KLC-DIGITAL EDITION is updated to v1.3.2.

The stability has been improved (including bug fixes), and this version now supports Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (32-bit).
*Regarding Windows 7 support, we will check the compatibility after DAW applications support this OS.

You can download the updater freely from the “Download for registered users” section of KORG USER NET ( Enter your registered e-mail address and password into the provided fields on the right side of login page, log into KORG USER NET and click [Download for registered users].

Please do not reply to this e-mail address. This is not an active reply desk. All queries should be directed to your local Korg distributor:

Sincerely yours,