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PocketFinder: Never Lose Your Stuff Again

February 15th, 2009 No comments

pocket finder

With Location-Based Technologies’  PocketFinder, you’ll never have to worry about lost pets or luggage again. The GPS device is about the size of a cookie, and is available in several versions: there’s PocketFinder Luggage, which can be slipped into a suitcase before you let it out of your sight. Using the company’s website or automated phone service, you can look up your suitcase’s location in over 100 countries. PetFinder can be hooked to a pet’s collar, offering peace of mind for those who are squeamish about injecting their furry friend with a microchip. The original PocketFinder is a good bet for outdoor enthusiasts or caretakers of the mentally challenged.

PocketFinder is available for $129.99 plus a monthly service fee for the locator service. It runs for seven days on a single charge, alerting you via text message when it’s time to recharge.