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Sanyo short throw projector displays 1920×1200 image from 2 feet away

April 29th, 2009 2 comments

Sanyo projector displays 1920×1200

This is Sanyo’s new projector.  It uses mirrors, lenses, and lasers (lasers!) to throw a 100 inch 1920×1080 image.  At a distance of 2 feet.  No more needing a concert hall to get a decent size projector image.  You could back this thing up almost against the wall with no loss of size (and size does matter, boys and girls – at least in the world of projection TVs).  Unfortunately, Sanyo is planning to use this for boring stuff like billboards and conferences, and it’ll be a bit before commercial units come out.  But the tech may make it into home theatres eventually.  And that would be awesome.

via TechOn

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