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Photographic Memory pill

July 27th, 2009 No comments

People with a photographic memory often say it’s a curse. People without are usually, like me, jealous of those that have one. How cool would it be to remember anything and everything you see and be able to recall it at any time necessary at a later date. No more asking for directions, no more trouble recalling information, no more cramming for tests. No more trying to remember that person’s name or phone number. The applications are endless.
Now imagine you could take a pill and BAM! everything you see is committed to memory without any effort.
Well some scientists in Spain think they have singled out a protein that can extend the life of visual memory significantly. When the production of the protein was boosted in mice, the rodents’ visual memory retention increased from about an hour to almost two months.

Will you remember what this protein looks like in two months?

Will you remember what this protein looks like in two months?

This memory extension only applies to memories made through the poorly understood visual cortex of the brain. So you won’t be able to remember everything you hear, only everything you see. But still!
The implications of having a pill that could do this are staggering. I’m not sure even William Gibson himself could imagine all the repercussions, but I’ll have fun pondering it none the less.


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