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Chocolate Powered Race Car

June 8th, 2009 No comments

Another advance has been made in the world of sustainable technology. This time it has to do with race cars. Researchers at the University of Warwick recently unveiled the “WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car”.

Dr Kerry Kirwan from the research team:
“Components made from plants form the mainstay of the car’s make up, including a race specification steering wheel derived from carrots and other root vegetables, a flax fibre and soybean oil foam racing seat, a woven flax fibre bib, plant oil based lubricants and a biodiesel engine configured to run on fuel derived from waste chocolate and vegetable oil. It also incorporates a radiator coated in a ground-breaking emission destroying catalyst.”
In fact the car meets all the Formula 3 racing standards except for it’s biodiesel engine. For some reason Formula 3 cars can’t use biodiesel, but I suspect that rule will have to be changed in the near future. I can think of few things more wasteful of fuel than car racing. And apparently in the current environment the viability of motor racing is being questioned.

This technology may likely save it. Apparently the WorldFirst car is capable of competing with the current Forumula 3 cars.

Dr Steve Maggs from the research team:

“As original equipment manufacturers focus on decreasing engine emissions, to meet future CO2, the WorldFirst project proves that if you are going to wholeheartedly embrace the ‘green is great’ ethos you have to broaden your vision and have a strategy that stretches throughout the chain from the raw materials to the final disposal of the car. The project clearly demonstrates that automotive environmentalism can and should be about the whole package.”

Here’s hoping this is the first step in realizing a greener motor racing future.

via Warwick News and Events
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