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Schlage LiNK system controls who gets in

May 3rd, 2009 No comments

I stumbled across this product line while looking for a new deadbolt for my house.  I’m a big fan of wireless and remote control appliances, so the new Schlage LiNK system caught my eye immediately.


The LiNK system is a wireless remote access network system that allows you to control access into your home.  Ever lock yourself out of the house?  Ever needed to let a child in because they forgot a key?  Want to let a petsitter take care of Fido?  Well now you can take care of all those situations using remote access via the Internet or your iPhone/cell phone.  The LiNK system consists of a bridge module that connects to your wireless network.  The bridge module allows control over a line of Schlage locks.  It also controls a remote-enabled wall plug so that you can remotely activate lights, appliances, etc.


Tres cool.  And given the nature of the technology, it can be expanded to include other types of remote automation, making this the basis of a home where you don’t have to get off your couch to do anything.  Well, most things.  Why is no one working on the remote control mobile toilet?!?!?