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Annoying Laptop Theft Alarm System

April 25th, 2009 No comments

Sometimes when I’m writing these blog posts while sitting at the Barnes and Noble bookstore, I get the urge to go pee or get up to buy some food at the counter. I do get nervous about someone snatching my laptop.

A company named FrontDoor Software has an application called “Retriever” that will irritate the hell out of any thief.

FrontDoor Software Laptop Alarm

FrontDoor Software Laptop Alarm

When the Retriever detects itself as being stolen, it flashes a yellow message on screen while playing annoying sounds (every thirty seconds). When the owner can log in and disable the alarm. A normal reboot does not disable the alarm system. It has to connect to the website and enter his authorization key,

I don’t think the annoying sound will deter a thief and I’m pretty sure anyone could reformat the drive to take out the alarm. Plus, we have to assume there are people around and will do something about it if the alarm goes off.

It does have a more important feature in my opinion which is geo tagging the laptop’s where abouts which could locate your laptop. Once you catch the thief, now that’s embarrassing for him?

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