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BassJump adds dimension to MacBook speakers

February 8th, 2010 No comments

I’ve always thought the MacBook built in speakers were pretty good, considering. But as we all know they lack oomph. Those tiny speakers just can’t produce those long waveforms we like to call bass. So as I sit here and listen to the latest Marbert Rocel through my MacBook speakers (because AirTunes is a consistent disappointment and it saddens me to sit here at look at my lovely Klipsch speakers just sitting there, silent) I remember seeing a GadgetLab post that could solve my issue.
The BassJump Subwoofer.


All it requires is access to a USB port and the installation of a preference pane and BAM! You have BASS!

So whether you are sitting around the apartment listening to the latest Massive Attack while writing macabre short stories (like me), or surfing the internet while taking a trip down memory lane with The Pharcyde’s Bizarre Ride II (also like me), you won’t be missing out on half of what makes both of those album’s great, i.e. the bass-line.

Via Wired’s GadgetLab

Elecom SoundBlock iPod speakers

July 8th, 2009 No comments

It looks like those kawaii-loving, tech savants over in Japan have developed yet another cute iPod accessory. To me they look a bit like LEGOs, especially in the product photo all laid out together in all their multi-colored glory. One to match every color of the iPod nano, apparently.

soundblock speakers

If I were to guess I would say the speaker quality and output volume would be somewhere in the vicinity of an iMac internal speaker, which is fine if you want to quietly listen to your music at your office, not interrupting the worker in the neighboring cubicle (or the neighboring apartment if you happen to live just about anywhere in Japan, which, incidentally is the only place you can currently buy this product).

It’s cute to be sure and is compatible with just about all the iPod models (iPod 5G, iPod Touch, iPod classic and iPod Nano). And I’m sure has it’s uses and a market, somewhere.

Though for $40 it seems a little puny, even though it does appear to have both left and right channels (wow, tiny stereo!).
I wonder what the drain on the iPod batter is like?

Geek Stuff 4 U is taking pre-orders from people living outside Japan.
¥4000 is approximately $42 American.