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Sleek new soundbar from Samsung

April 7th, 2009 No comments

I like sleek and sexy.  That’s why I surround myself with sleek, minimalistic, futuristic items.  And supermodels.  Lots of supermodels.  So when Engadget showed off the new Samsung HT-WS1 Soundbar, I was hooked.

ht-ws1-pr-006Isn’t it just gorgeous?  That baby’s only slightly thicker than my current girlfriend.  It does 5.1 simulated surround sound, pumping out 260W (my girlfriend is not that loud, thank goodness).  It’s wall mountable and best of all it’s only $350 clams.  Heck it costs me more than that to fish my girlfriend out of the showerdrain when she slips.  Samsung will be selling these beauties sometime in April.


Sony stylin’ with the CMT-Z100iR

March 19th, 2009 No comments

cmtz100ir-450x316This, my friends, is the Sony CMT-Z100iR, a soon to be released component system from Sony.  I’ve been fascinated by black monolith-shaped objects since I saw 2001, and this thing just screams sexy.  If the iPhone/iPod dock isn’t enough, there’s a CD player, audio in jack, and a USB port for non-iPod music devices (there are such things?).  It’s wall mountable for ultimate sleekness, plus it’s got a touch panel interface to go with your touch-based Apple device.  Just the thing when you’re hosting that special someone.  And my kids ain’t gonna be allowed to even breathe near it.