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New iTunes 9 App Management Concept

August 10th, 2009 No comments

Do you treat the iTunes App Store like it’s a buffet and just grab everything? Now your iPhone/iPod Touch has so many screens that its hard to manage, organize, and sort your apps. There is another Apple rumor floating around stating that iTunes 9 will make app management much easier by allowing you to select and move more than one app around at the same time.

The YouTube video below is a concept on how it would work.

Furthermore, iTunes 9 is rumored to feature Blu-ray support and more integration with Twiter, Facebook, and possibly The integration can involve status updates to the respective social networks on what songs you are playing on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Facebook has worked with Apple before on integrating the iPhone camera to upload to Facebook so this collaboration rumor is not so far fetch.

Apple Store Unveils “Flying Apps”

August 5th, 2009 No comments

The Apple Store in Palo Alto unveils new Flying Apps screen that is quite eye catchy. It is amazing to watch and mesmerizes you for a bit. The video show cases apps flying pass a giant iPhone.

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NetFlix Streaming iPhone App Rumor

August 4th, 2009 No comments
NetFlix Streaming iPhone App

NetFlix Streaming iPhone App

Let’s talk about an amazing brand called Netflix. It has been able to stay relevant being a completely online movie delivery service even while Blockbuster has the straddle strategy (online and brick and morter). We think that Netflix’s success has a lot to do with the abundant LongTail collection of niche films as well as popular ones. In addition, they were really the first company to deliver movies through the mail and online.

A search for Blockbuster’s iPhone app yielded no results on the iTunes App Store at the moment.

There is now a rumor that Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service would be available on Apple’s App Store as well as available on the Nintendo Wii.

This is something I’m sure a lot of Netflix subscribers would love to have. The biggest question is if AT&T would allow such bandwidth utilization of streaming video on their 3G network. Afterall, they seem to have an unofficial hand in dictacting Apple approval of iPhone apps that competes with their core business like Google Voice. Ironically though, AT&T and Apple do allow the MLB At Bat app to stream video over the network. Let’s not forget the iPhone also comes with a YouTube player that can stream both on 3G and Wi-Fi.  According to AT&T, it doesn’t want all this video streaming to further clog its pipes, which could be the reason why the rumored Hulu app is not released yet.

The next question would be if Apple themselves would allow such a service to compete with its movie downloads. Then again, Apple does offer radio streaming apps like Last.FM and Pandora which theoretically competes with its iTunes Music Downloads. Apple’s app approval still seems unpredictable despite its disclosure.

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The new Sony Style/Comcast Labs store

March 22nd, 2009 1 comment

I know it’s rare that Philadelphia gets to be in the spotlight of the tech world but when you have the largest cable company in the country in your home town, sometimes things work out.  When I heard that Sony and Comcast were opening a new showcase store in the Comcast Center, I figured I had to check it out.  So here’s the scoop!  All the pictures in the post are linked to full size images in the below gallery.  Check out the full size pics – most of the pictures are landscape, and they look funny when viewed in their compressed state in the post.

Comcast TowerThe Comcast Tower itself is an imposing site.  It’s the first LEED-certified office tower in Philadelphia and is currently the tallest building in the city.

Inside are two really cool things.

Comcast Sculpture 1

Comcast Sculpture 2

The first is a giant sculpture called Humanity in Motion by world-renowned artist and sculptor Jonathan Borofsk.  It features a series of life-sized statues of people moving across the vast space that is the interior entryway of the Comcast Center.  The sheer size of the interior is hard to capture on film – I was craning my camera almost to vertical to capture these images.

The second is the Comcast Experience, which is the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world.

Comcast Screen 1Spanning 83.3 feet wide by 25.4 feet high, the 2,100 square foot video wall brings spectacular original programming to visitors 18 hours a day.  The images have to be seen to be believed.  The pictures don’t really capture how high resolution the screen really is.

Comcast Screen 2Comcast projected the Obama inauguration on this thing – apparently it was like being there (except warm).  If you’re ever in the city, definately check it out.  OK enough filler – lets get to the meat!

Here’s the main signage for the Sony Style/Comcast Labs store.  Pretty impressive right?


Unfortunately, that sign is located in the middle of the store (which is basically a hallway with a cul-de-sac where Sony set up some stuff.  The Sony Style/Comcast Labs experience is, to put it mildly, underwhelming.  There’s a Sony Style store in nearby King of Prussia (home of the second largest mall in the country) which is much more interesting.  This “showcase” feels really small in comparison.


I’m pretty sure I missed a part of the store that’s off to the right of the picture above.  There’s no real “layout” to the store, so I’m going to excuse myself for that oversight – I think a lot of people will end up missing it.


The picture above is where you first gaze upon the store – you come down the stairs into the entrance to the Food Court and off on your right is Sony Style.  There’s not really any big signage to indicate that this is there.  Instead of something really fancy to draw the eye, you walk down into a display of…

p1010910cameras.  Yea, I know – thrilling, right?  There are some other gizmos and geegaws, plus an area to try out the various VAIOs.  Check out the VAIO-P – that thing is totally cool.  And tiny!


My son is a tad over 4 ft tall.  His hands look normal sized against that keyboard.  And the screen resolution is actually not bad at all.


Finally, there’s a section dedicated to the PS3.  Nothing special to write home about here either.


All in all, we were through the place in about 10 minutes, and that was with taking pictures.  I can’t see how it can host more than a small handful of customers – the lunch crowd at the Food Court would probably overwhelm the staff.  I’d post more pictures but about this time was when the nice employee came over to tell me that photos aren’t really encouraged.  Oops.

And I checked out the DOCSIS 3.0 connected laptops.  Yes, they’re fast but not so fast that I was in awe.  It’s about equivalent to being on a hardwire network connection.  I’m wondering if they hadn’t really turned that on yet because the place just opened on Tuesday.  I’m hoping it will evolve over time and become more of an “experience” but I’m not holding my breath.