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Tata’s Nano 10% as much as a smartcar

April 2nd, 2009 No comments

This is a smartcar.

smart-car-1It is cute, small, fuel-efficient, and perfect for urban driving.  Every time I see one of these things, I have to smile.  What immediately takes that smile away is when I remind myself that some versions of this thing cost over $20K.  Now while I may blow through that in a week, I’m always mindful of my less fortunate netizens.  So I give you this:

tata-nanoThis is the Nano, made by Indian automotive powerhouse Tata.  Never heard of them?  Me neither.  Turns out Tata is the Indian equivalent of GE, with businesses ranging from manufacturing to services.  Now they want to make cars.  Really small cars.  For really small money.  The starting price of a Nano is $2200.  No, that’s not a typo and I’m not missing a zero.  Sure, it’s a little bigger than the smartcar (3099mm vs 1867mm for the smartcar), but the picture implies you can squeeze four people in the nano.  Try squeezing four people into a smartcar.  Unless you are a family of clowns, that’s just not gonna happen.

CNet has a video review of the Nano and its driving performance.


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