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How To Fix AT&T iPhone Visual Voicemail Notification Alerts

September 22nd, 2009 3 comments
iPhone Visual Voicemail Notification Fix

iPhone Visual Voicemail Notification Fix

One of the most frustrating and surprisingly under reported issues is with AT&T and iPhone Visual Voicemail notifications. When you receive a voicemail on your iPhone, an alert appears and you can play your voicemail as if its a song. There is now a solution!

Since the iPhone 3GS was released, some customers experienced lack of alerts for voicemail (me being one of them). I recently found a fix for it while I was researching tethering for 3GS. Apparently, tethering your iPhone may cause this issue.

So here’s the fix. Navigate to Settings → General → Network → Cellular Data Network and within the Visual Voicemail section add “acds.voicemail” into the APN field. Your visual voicemail will now work once again.

CAUTION: This fix does break the tethering. You can’t have voicemail notifications and Internet tethering work at the same time.

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iPhone Update 3.0.1 Does Not Disable Tether Hack

August 2nd, 2009 No comments
iPhone Tethering

iPhone Tethering

In the past week, a malicious SMS virus had the potential to take over the iPhone via a text message. Apple responded by releasing the iPhone Update 3.0.1.

We tested this update and it does not disable Internet Tethering. So go ahead, download, and install the 3.0.1 Update to protect your iPhone.

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How To Tether iPhone 3.0 for AT&T

June 18th, 2009 1 comment
How To Tether iPhone 3.0 with AT&T

How To Tether iPhone 3.0 with AT&T

AT&T has to realize we’re going to tether the iPhone with or without their help. Tethering allows you to use your mobile phone as a “modem” or bridge to the Internet with your other devices like laptop. No Wi-Fi Hot Spot freely available? No Worries.


  • Mac OS X Leopard Required
  • Install iTunes 8.2 Required
  • Download this carrier settings file from and double click it to mount it in Finder
  • iPhone 3.0 (7A341) Gold Master final release
  • Quit iTunes.
  • Run Terminal and this script
    defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB
  • Go To Devices Summary in iTunes
  • Option Click and hit Restore. Browse to and select ATT_US.ipcc. It is IMPORTANT to option click otherwise you will restore to previous iPhone back ups!
  • UpdateSettingsLaunch iPhone – General –  Network – Internet Tethering – On
  • If tethering is successful, you will see a message that is similar to the following:
    Network Adapter
  • Go into Preferences Network select the adapter as displayed above, and you’ll see something similar to this as it becomes active. Select that adaptor

    Network Preferences Mac

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