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Self heating boots

October 23rd, 2009 No comments

Living in Texas I probably would never have a use for these, but anyone that lives north of us and has weather that actually provides snow and below freezing weather for longer than five minutes a year will probably appreciate these a whole lot. Just this past January I was reminded just how much suck can be brought to an otherwise awesome snowboarding adventure because your socks are wet and starting to freeze your toes.


As the blogger at Wired already noted, the name for these battery powered self heating boots is just awful. The Bugathermo, ugh! The women’s version, imo, is even worse. The Snow Hottie. But regardless, they look pretty awesome. I personally would prefer the men’s to the women’s just based on style alone (you’d be amazed how often that happens… sometimes I wonder just what exactly designers think women really like).

Made by Columbia Sportswear, the boots are powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that will give you four to eight hours of heat depending on which level you pick. They have insulated soles, are waterproof and breathable so your feet will be both warm AND dry down to -25°F. And for around $250 I’d say it’s an excellent investment.

Via Wired’s Gadget Lab

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Black and Decker TLD100 Energy Series Thermal Leak Detector

April 24th, 2009 No comments

The Black & Decker’s Thermal Leak Detector helps you find energy leaks in your home like in window edges an doors. Once you find the leak, you can seal it up saving you up to 20% off heating and cooling energy costs giving you your return on investment.

Black and Decker TLD100 Energy Series Thermal Leak Detector

Black and Decker TLD100 Energy Series Thermal Leak Detector

You simply shine the light on your wall and set the reference temperature. When you move the light around your house, the light will change to red or blue indicating a hot or cold leak when the temperature deviates from the reference.

Black and Decker TLD100 Energy Series Thermal Leak Detector

It is definitely worth the investment.

Product Details

  • Uses infrared sensors to measure surface temperatures
  • Helps homeowners track down power-draining drafts
  • Sold with a 5 step guide to fixing basic energy leaks comes with the thermal leak detector, offering guidance on everything from caulking to weatherproofing windows and doors
  • Plugging leaks can save up to 20-Percent on heating and cooling costs!
  • 2 Year warranty

Via Gadget Grid