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Solar Powered Toothbrush

February 26th, 2009 1 comment
Solar Powered Toothbrush - Soladey-JX3

Solar Powered Toothbrush - Soladey-JX3

Tired of spending your hard earned money on toothpaste?  Imagine never having to buy a tube of toothpaste again.  With the Soladey-JX3 solar powered toothbush, your dream may soon become a reality.  The Soladey-JX3 is a Japanese prototype toothbrush that cleans, sanitizes, and fights plague on your teeth without the use of toothpaste.  But how can that be possible you ask?  It contains a solar panel at the base of the handle which transmits electrons through a titanium rod that sits at the brush tip underneath the bristles.  The bristles combine with the moisture of your mouth which creates a chemical reaction that breaks down plague without using toothpaste.

This toothbrush is not quite a reality as it is still being tested.  Dr. kunio Komiyama, of Japan, found that the Soladey-JX3 completely eliminates the two kinds of bacteria that cause plague in the mouth.   A similar toothbrush was invented in 15 years ago in Japan, but did not contain the solar panel at the base of the toothbrush.  The newer model is twice as powerful as the first model and only needs as much solar power as a calculator uses.  And without the use of toothpaste, no toothpaste tubes will be thrown away and end up crowding our landfills.