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Watch Phones are coming!

July 17th, 2009 No comments

In the UK there once was a mobile carrier called Orange. They partnered up with an innovative electronics company called LG (maybe you’ve heard of them). Together they are about to release some crazy tech in the UK next month.
Check it:

LG GD910

LG GD910

It’s the LG GD910 Watch Phone. The gadget blogs are all aflutter with this news. Some dissing it by calling it “cool but impractical”, but most embracing it despite the rumored cost of near £1000 (about $1600 US). This is definitely an awesome gadget and the inner nerd in all of us techies seriously desires it, mostly because it’s cool and futuristic giving us an actual excuse to act like super spies or intergalactic heroes (as if we needed another reason).
But just the fact that they are getting there with this technology is exciting to me.

Here is a quick overview of the features done by at the CES2009:

Another less well known company has come out with their own watch phone. It is also pretty cool with a nice touch screen AND a keypad on the side (though some people might think this detracts from it’s aesthetics a bit).
The company is called Phenom, and the model pictured is called “Special Ops”.
Phenom Watch phone

I like the more industrial design of this watch phone. And I like the price a whole lot more (between $200 and $300).
Both watch phones include bluetooth, touch screen, video conferencing and MP3 capabilities, and a micro SD slot. The LG also offers “high speed browsing” while that is not on the included list of features for the Phenom.
I can’t wait to start seeing people with these things on, but so far it looks like this Phenomenon will be limited to the UK, for the time being.

Via BoyGeniusReport

MP3 Touchscreen Mirror

June 10th, 2009 2 comments

It seems like each day we are moving close and closer to the imaginary future world envisioned by the likes of Philip K Dick, William Gibson, and to a degree, Steven Speildberg. This MP3 mirror by Stocco, which is actually in production and not just a concept, is just one more step in the journey. Pretty soon people’s homes are going to resemble Chief John Anderton’s from Minority Report.

Stocco Maitre MP3 Touchscreen Mirror

Stocco Maitre MP3 Touchscreen Mirror

And that is just fine by me. This mirror integrates touch screen controls for your iPod (or other MP3 player) as well as a radio, clock and barometer (presumably for checking the weather in order to determine which hairstyle will work best in the current humidity).

No word on price yet. And it doesn’t say whether there are built in speakers or if you have to connect to separate speakers through the iPod headphone jack. Hopefully not the latter (see previous post about my aversion to cables).

via Wired GadgetLab