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Sony Vaio W

July 16th, 2009 No comments

In the tech world news seems to get old in about a week so this could be considered old news. ┬áBut I’m less interested in the news factor, cuz let’s be honest, the new Sony Vaio W is kind of a snoozer, but I did find their translated product page to be quite humorous. Mostly because I’m a fan of Engrish.
My personal favorite is the section titled “Features of the Internet to achieve a comfortable life”.
What an oh so Japanese thing to say.

The next best part is the product video.

It reminds me of watching late night television infomercials when I was a teenager but the music has added a few electronic beats and bleeps to the super snooze piano track.
You’d think the people at Sony of all places would have a sleeker video. Something worthy of the 21st century. I’m completely confused by this, but entertained none the less.

And finally, though the Vaio itself, as always, looks nice… this new color scheme has me thinking more of Neopolitan ice cream than anything else. Brown was a pretty bold choice I have to say. I wonder if it will pay of (my money says it won’t). The Sony Vaio W is going for $500. That’ll get you 1.6GHz Atom Powered, 10 inch screen notebook with 160GB hard drive and 1 GB of RAM along with ethernet, USB, SD card reader (that also reads MemorySticks) and bluetooth. Nothing out of the ordinary for any other netbook at half the price.
For those interested though it should be available in August.

via Wired Gadget Lab

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