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Zero Gravity Chair by Varier

April 13th, 2009 1 comment
stokke gravity chair Zero Gravity Chair by Varier

Varier Gravity Reclining Chair

Welcome to the modern world where gravity is optional.  Meet the Varier Gravity Reclining Chair for your office or your living room providing you the ultimate floating comfort.

The Varier Gravity Reclining Chair by Stokkes lets you relax in a variety of positions depending on your preference.

stokke gravity lounge chair Zero Gravity Chair by Varier

Stokke Gravity Reclining Chair

The chair can be used as an upright office chair or rocked back like a hammock for a quick nap.


* Wood Finishes and Stains: black, natural lacquer, mocca, cherry, natural oiled
* Leather: Yellow, Beige, Cognac, Red, Pale Green, Dark Brown, Brown, Black, Navy Blue, Blue
* Adjustable headrest

Via  Gadget Grid