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Palm Pre. 6/6/09. $199.

May 19th, 2009 No comments

palm-preThe next coming of the Jesusphone is just a couple months away and yet Palm and Sprint are trying for a body slam by launching the Palm Pre literally days before Apple announces iPhone 4.0 at WWDC.  Is that balls or what?  When you’re on your last legs and desperate for anything to revive your company, I guess you play rough.

I’m really looking forward to the Pre.  Not only because I think their WebOS is pretty darn impressive, but because it will give Apple some real competition.  Reviews have given it a serious thumbs up, and many of the iPhone’s shortcomings (-cough- background processing -cough- single inbox -cough-) are resolved and handled beautifully in the Pre.  Ain’t competition a wonderful thing?

Of course you have to live with Sprint as your carrier, but hey – how much worse can they be than AT&T?  And Palm is notorious for sprinkling their handsets on as many carriers as possible so after six months, who knows where the Pre will end up.  Maybe (hope hope hope hope) they’ll end up on Verizon and then I’ll have the best of all possible worlds.  And maybe unicorns will deliver my breakfast of fried pixies every morning.

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