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Induction charging for the Wii

May 21st, 2009 No comments

My poor Wii.  It hardly gets used anymore.  Now that my son has solved Zelda (rescuing that damn princess again – sheesh, you’d think she’d learn to stay out of trouble!), beaten all the Super Smash Brothers, ripped up Mario Paper (another annoying princess who can’t stay out of trouble), and saved everyone in Super Mario Galaxy (ditto), he’s pretty much done with the unit.  I’m sore tempted to sell it but I know there’s gonna be another Zelda coming out for it that he’s gonna want to play.  So basically, charging those Wiimotes isn’t really a problem right now.  But for when that system finally sees some action, I am planning to get him this.

wiichargeThis is the Wiimote Induction Charging System, by Energizer.  It’s designed to recharge your Wii’s controllers via invisble energy fields.  That means you can leave the grip surfaces (or whatever silicone junk you put on your Wiimotes to protect them from your grubby sweaty hands) and just leave them on.  The induction field charges the controllers right through the plastic.  This is the wave of the future, my friends.  The Palm Pre is using similar tech via an optional charging dock.  Oh god, the iPhone is behind!  Why isn’t Jobs all over his design team about this failure!?!?!?!

via Gizmodo via IGN