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Show Desktop in Windows 7

January 8th, 2010 No comments

I found this little trick playing with Windows 7’s new Task Bar and thought that everyone knew it.  But my fiancee was struggling this evening trying to find a way to recreate the Show Desktop icon.  Even Lifehacker had a complicated process to re-add that functionality.  So I figured I’d post this little tip in case anyone else needed to know how to show the desktop a la the old Vista/XP functionality.

(in the screenshot below, my task bar is oriented on the left hand side of my screen.)


See that little bar that’s in the area of the time/date display circled in orange?  Just click that and you’ll immediately get your desktop, with all other windows minimized.  It’s that simple.

Steve Ballmer grabs Apple iPhone from Microsoft employee and ‘stomps’ it into ground

September 11th, 2009 No comments
Steve Ballmer grabs Apple iPhone from Microsoft employee and ‘stomps’ it into ground

Steve Ballmer grabs Apple iPhone from Microsoft employee and ‘stomps’ it into ground

Microsoft is having a tough time these days with its image. Google forced Microsoft to to launch the free vaporware Office Online to compete with Google Docs. The Zune player which was meant to compete with the iPod is a dud. The Zune’s slogan “Welcome to the Social” has got to be one of the worst in history. You kind of need a crowd to market with that slogan first don’t you think?  Let’s not even talk about the horrible name of Zune itself.

Now it looks like Microsoft has another publicity stunt they have to dampen.  Microsoft Steve Ballmer, at a conference to showcase Bing 2.0 and a new Windows 7 commercial, saw an employee take pictures with his iPhone. He then grabbed the iPhone, threw it to the ground, and pretend to stomp on it after much booing from the audience.

The good news is that no one threw eggs at Ballmer this time. If Ballmer spent the same energy trashing the iPhone, Microsoft might have some relevancy left in the mobile market. Otherwise, Ballmer should just c:\>format himself

Via TechFlash

BumpTop Makes Desktops Exciting Again

February 12th, 2009 No comments

Windows based operating systems have always had such a boring desktop experience.  Just a background with a bunch of scattered icons.  Surprisingly enough, this has not changed either from Windows 95 all the way to the beast called Vista.  No one has any great expectations for the highly anticipated Windows 7 either.

Photo by:  Kriston Lewis

Photo by: Kriston Lewis

Those who use Mac operating systems get to have a little bit more fun, but not much.  Rather than scattered icons on a background, Apple users get a background with a cool icon toolbar at the bottom.  Sometimes the icons bounce when they are clicked on.  At this point, OSX is what life on the edge is like in the world of desktops.

Photo by: BeauGiles

Photo by: BeauGiles

A little program called BumpTop is out to change it all.  BumpTop is an interactive desktop which functions much like your workdesk does.  Icons can be tossed around, organized in stacks, posted on the wall, and even crumpled into balls and thrown around.  Check out the screenshot of BumpTop below, or click to listen to BumpTop founder’s explanation and presentation at TED.

Photo by: Pat2001

Photo by: Pat2001