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The Wovel

February 19th, 2009 No comments


The Wovel is deceptively simple. Sure, it may just look like a wheeled snow shovel (hence the name), but it’s a pretty ingenious contraption. The Wovel basically operates like a seesaw, using your own weight to lift the snow without putting extra strain on your body. No more breaking your back to clear your sidewalks in the winter, plus you get done in a third of the time. (You can see short movies of the Wovel in action, as well as the physics of how the Wovel operates, here.)

Maybe you’re wondering, Why not just use a snow blower? In addition to being ergonomic and heart-healthy, the Wovel eliminates both gas-powered emissions and noise pollution. It also eliminates the risk of finger injury or amputation, which happens more than you’d think when people try to clear a jammed snow blower.

The Wovel is regularly $119.95, now on sale for $77.97. You might want to get yourself one before the next snow storm hits.