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The X12 Wireless Stun Gun

March 21st, 2009 No comments
X12 Wireless Stun Gun

X12 Wireless Stun Gun

A few months ago I was robbed of my iPhone right out of my hand while I was using it. The thief ran away with it. I wasn’t hurt besides a scratch on my face that healed due to my mutant super powers. Now, if I had the X12 Wireless Stun Gun, this would not have happened and I would definitely had gotten my iPhone back.

The new X12 stun gun was launched at the Global Security Asia 2009 event and is the world’s first wireless stun gun. It has a maximum effective range of 27 meters.

The X12 penetrates clothing to transmit electrical impulses which causes the body to be temporarily paralyzed. Conventional stun guns causes immobility by causing pain. I wish this could do both.

The product will only be available in June and the Singapore Police Force has already expressed interest in it. If this is available in the US, I will definitely be getting one..

Go ahead thief, make my day!

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